Gerrick's Vision

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A secure border protects our national security and the rule of law. As a conservative Republican, I will prioritize the construction of physical barriers, increased use of modern surveillance technology, and strengthening border patrol to halt illegal immigration and the flow of drugs and human trafficking. I am committed to comprehensive immigration reform that upholds our values as a nation of immigrants while ensuring that our immigration system is fair, efficient and prioritizes the interests of American citizens. 

Key Pillars of the Plan:

1. Securing the Border: Wilkins commits to constructing a formidable physical barrier along the entire southern border. This initiative, aimed at deterring illegal entry, symbolizes national resolve. Additionally, he proposes significant funding increases for ICE and CBP by reallocating funds from the IRS expansion and Ukraine’s security.

2. Strengthening Law Enforcement and Cooperation: The plan involves mobilizing the National Guard to bolster border security. Wilkins seeks the support of the US military to assist Mexico in eradicating drug cartels, highlighting the shared challenges in border security. Enhanced collaboration with border states to strengthen security programs is also emphasized.

3. Technological Advancements and Legal Reforms: Beyond constructing the wall, Wilkins proposes deploying advanced technology such as drones, satellites, and surveillance tools for border monitoring and security. The plan also includes funding to streamline legal processes for asylum, deportation, and enforcement actions by empowering local law enforcement, reinstating the “Stay in Mexico” policy, and ending Biden’s catch-and-release program.

4. Stricter Regulations and Penalties: Implementing severe penalties for human traffickers, expanding background checks for all individuals entering the country, and imposing substantial penalties for visa overstays are integral parts of the plan. It also calls for holding foreign governments accountable for facilitating or ignoring illegal immigration into the United States. Companies will be mandated to verify the immigration status of their employees.

5. Immigration Reforms: The plan envisions a shift from family-based to merit-based immigration, aligning with national needs. Wilkins also plans to reform the refugee system to focus on low-risk individuals.

6. Financial Plan: The strategy calls for an increase in fees associated with visas, background checks, and the naturalization process, as well as for international money transfers. These adjustments are designed to generate additional revenue to support the funding of enhanced border security measures.

Central Alabama has a critical need for improving our overall infrastructure further to promote economic growth, business vitality, and innovation. To this end, when I am elected to Congress, I will take immediate action to enact my Alabama First Infrastructure and Business Development Plan.

  1. I will seek appointments to critical committees that utilize my extensive business experience in the automotive sector, such as the Appropriations and Transportation and Infrastructure Committees.
  2. I will introduce legislation that moves the money we spend on wars in other countries, like Ukraine, to infrastructure here at home.  We need to do more to improve Alabama’s roads, such as Interstate 65 and Highway 280, to increase safety for Alabamians and help local businesses grow and succeed.
  3. I will hold the woke, unelected bureaucrats from overreaching federal agencies like the EPA, the FTC, CFPB, and even the FBI accountable for stifling growth at home through their overly burdensome regulation and work to cut their budgets or eliminate their unnecessary departments to allow the American people to innovate and grow our economy again.
  4. I will work to restore our nation’s energy independence and eliminate the woke agenda of corporate welfare and government handouts with their push to force Electric Vehicles on the country. 
  5. I will work to divert critical funding back to where needed through the budget process and Transportation Reauthorization Bills.  
  6. I will propose performance-based funding programs that connect infrastructure-related laws with key performance metrics. This will motivate states and local governments to enhance highways’ efficiency, safety, and overall condition while meeting specific timing benchmarks.
  7. I will champion initiatives that provide incentives to drive innovation in businesses. Rather than the government making subjective decisions about winners and losers, we thrive by nurturing creative thinking and cutting down on unnecessary bureaucratic involvement. This means working to lower taxes and offer tax incentives to entrepreneurs and small businesses that invest in research and development, create new technologies, and pioneer groundbreaking ideas to contribute to economic growth and job creation.
  8. I will work with federal agencies to streamline permitting and approval processes on these projects and encourage state and local officials to do the same. 
  9. I will ensure the legislation prioritizes local leadership. We don’t need Washington dictating our policies but rather empowering and equipping local leaders to act for the betterment of our community. 
  10. I will craft well-designed legislation that promotes workforce development and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).

One of the critical issues I am deeply committed to is implementing Congressional term limits through a Constitutional Amendment. Public service should be about serving the people, not seeking a lifelong career in politics. Congressional term limits will foster a more dynamic and accountable government, yield fresh perspectives and new ideas, and reduce the potential for corruption and complacency. I will work tirelessly to build bipartisan support for this amendment and ensure our elected officials represent the people’s will.

Putting the Brakes on Inflation and Gearing Up Growth
It is time to take the keys from the career politicians and elect a driver that can get our country out of the ditch and back on the road to prosperity.

  1. Putting the Brakes on Inflation: Implement strong fiscal policies to put the brakes on runaway inflation, ensuring stability and predictability in the economy. It is time for Congress to act with massive spending cuts.
  2. Accelerating Growth with Permanent Trump Tax Cuts: Keep the economy in high gear by making the Trump-era tax cuts permanent, providing a turbo boost to both consumers and businesses. The private sector is where growth and innovation happens and we need the government to stay out of the way.
  3. Streamlining Federal Bureaucracy: Propose a 40% reduction in federal government size, particularly targeting departments like Education, ATF, EPA, FTC, IRS, and CFPB. This move shifts our economic machinery from a heavy, inefficient model to a lean, high-performance one.
  4. Eliminating Redundant Government Roles: Cut out unnecessary federal jobs, redirecting talent and resources to sectors where innovation and productivity drive growth.
  5. Rein In Overregulation: Establish a firm grip on bureaucratic overreach by setting legislative checks on new regulations. This ensures a balanced approach, fostering a business-friendly environment.
  6. Fueling Domestic Resource Production: Accelerate the production of essential resources like oil, gas, coal, and even graphite. Prevent foreign entities, especially China, from buying and owning our critical resource sectors, safeguarding national and economic security.
  7. Driving Entrepreneurship and Business Growth: Create a conducive environment for new businesses, with a special focus on supporting veteran entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises in Alabama and across the nation.
  8. Speed up Energy Independence: Focus on powering the nation’s future with a robust, independent energy sector, reducing reliance on foreign oil and promoting long-term sustainable solutions.


As a candidate for Congress, I see many important public policies that must be addressed. Still, there is one that I believe is of utmost importance and urgency for Alabama, our nation, and the world – the eradication of human trafficking and the exploitation of children.  This modern-day form of slavery impacts millions of innocent lives. I am deeply committed to taking decisive action to protect our children and combat this heinous crime. To address this critical issue, I will work to develop a broad coalition within Congress, uniting both parties to prioritize the fight against human trafficking and child exploitation with the following proposed policy initiatives:

Strengthen Law Enforcement and Penalties: Provide law enforcement agencies with resources and tools to investigate and prosecute traffickers. Impose harsh penalties for human trafficking and child exploitation to deter criminals.

  1. Victim Support and Rehabilitation: Offer comprehensive support to victims, including counseling, rehabilitation, and support for rebuilding their lives, partnering with NGOs experienced in survivor assistance.
  1. Prevention through Education and Awareness: Educate communities to recognize trafficking signs and empower individuals to recognize and report suspicious activities.
  1. Target Online Exploitation: Collaborate with the private sector and international partners to combat online platforms facilitating trafficking.
  1. Border Security and Immigration Reforms: Strengthen border security and implement immigration reforms to protect vulnerable populations from traffickers.
  1. Foster Care and Adoption Reforms: In conjunction with private and faith-based partners, improve the foster care system and promote adoption as a loving option for displaced children needing stable homes.
  1. Public-Private Sponsorships: Establish public-private partnerships to fund anti-trafficking programs and initiatives which can yield innovative solutions.
  1. International Cooperation and Diplomatic Pressure: Collaborate with other nations to combat trafficking and pressure countries with insufficient efforts.
  1. Data Collection and Research: Support research initiatives to better understand and combat human trafficking.

My passion lies in combating human trafficking and child exploitation, a critical public policy priority that demands immediate attention. Together, we will take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to ensure the safety and well-being of our children, upholding the values we hold dear and creating a safer and more compassionate society for all.

Protect Our Border

Here’s my plan to put America First.