[Video] Congress is Failing To Secure Our Border

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals just made a crucial ruling against Texas Governor Abbott’s floating barriers, asserting that this is a federal matter. But what’s more alarming is how President Biden reacted. ICE agents, entrusted with protecting our nation, are now cutting the razor wire, making it even easier for illegal immigrants to enter our country.

This situation demands action from Congress. As your future Congressman, I pledge to introduce a comprehensive plan that tackles the root of the illegal immigration problem. We must secure our borders not just with a physical barrier but also with advanced technology to keep those who don’t belong out. Moreover, we must address the loopholes, such as asylum requests, that have been exploited for far too long.

Are you ready to stand with me and take a stand for our nation’s security?

America First Border Security Plan

In the spirit of Ronald Reagan’s vision of a secure and prosperous America and building upon the policies championed by President Trump, it is essential that we address the urgent crisis at our southern border. Our nation is confronted with an unprecedented invasion, threatening the very fabric of our society. This America First Border Security Plan is a comprehensive, robust approach grounded in the principles of national sovereignty, the rule of law, and unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of American citizens.

1. Securing the Border:

– Building the Wall: A formidable physical barrier will be constructed along the entirety of our southern border. This wall will serve as a deterrent to illegal entry and a symbol of our national resolve.

– Increase Funding for ICE and CBP: Redirecting funds allocated for 87,000 IRS agents, we will recruit and deploy 87,000 ICE agents. These agents will be extensively trained and equipped to enforce immigration laws and secure our borders.

2. Strengthening Law Enforcement and Cooperation:

– Mobilization of the National Guard: States will receive full support to deploy the National Guard, ensuring that every available resource is utilized to secure our border.

– Supporting Mexico in Cartel Eradication: Recognizing the shared challenge of cartels, we will provide military and strategic support to Mexico, targeting the root of the illegal drug trade and human trafficking networks.

– Develop Law Enforcement Cooperation Programs: Collaborate with border states to create and enhance programs that bolster border security. This partnership will be vital in pooling resources and intelligence.

3. Technological Advancements and Legal Reforms:

– Expand Use of Technology: While the wall is under construction, deploy drones, satellites, and other surveillance technologies to monitor and secure the border.

– Increase Funding for Courts: Streamline the legal process for asylum, deportation, and enforcement actions. The “Stay in Mexico” policy will be reimplemented, ensuring that our system is not overwhelmed.

– End Catch and Release: This flawed policy will be terminated, ensuring that criminals cannot exploit our generosity and roam freely in our communities.

4. Stricter Regulations and Penalties:

– Stiff Penalties for Human Traffickers: Enforce severe punishments for those involved in human trafficking, dismantling the networks that profit from human misery.

– Expand Background Checks: Mandate comprehensive background checks for all individuals entering the country, prioritizing national security.

– Penalties for VISA Overstays: Implement substantial penalties for those who overstay their visas, ensuring accountability and respect for our laws.

– Holding Foreign Governments Accountable: Implement measures to hold foreign governments responsible for facilitating or ignoring the flow of illegal immigrants into our nation.

– Mandatory Immigration Status Verifications for Companies: Enforce the requirement that all companies verify the immigration status of their employees, ensuring that jobs are preserved for legal residents.

– Increased Penalties for Employers: Significantly increase fines and penalties for companies knowingly employing illegal immigrants. Funds collected will be allocated to border security efforts.

5. Immigration Reforms:

– Move from family-based to Merit Based Immigration to prioritize the needs of America- This would be done AFTER we fully implement the border security plan and include expanding background checks.

– Reform the Refugee system to prioritize low-risk individuals such as women and children and those facing religious persecution. (Christians in Muslim countries like Afghanistan)

– Increase fees for VISAs, background checks and naturalization process to pay for increased border security (exception is for refugee program)

This America First Border Security Plan is a call to action, a roadmap to reclaim control of our borders, uphold the rule of law, and ensure the safety and prosperity of all Americans. Through decisive action, unwavering resolve, and patriotic duty, we will secure our nation and preserve the American dream for generations to come.

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Protect Our Border

Here’s my plan to put America First.