Protecting Your 2nd Amendment Rights!

Our rights are being whittled away.  Liberal lawmakers abuse of law abiding gun owners to falsely appear tough on crime.

Not only do we need a Congressman committed to preserving our God given 2nd amendment rights, but we need proactive protection.  It is time to stop playing defense and go on the offense by strengthening the rights and liberty of gun owners. 

As your next Congressman, I am going to be your proactive advocate! I will work to institute nationwide concealed carry reciprocity. The current patchwork of state laws is unacceptable. We need uniformity for gun owners.

But that’s not all. I strongly believe that the federal government should not be taxing ammunition. I will work to repeal this tax!

Lastly, our government is being weaponized against us. They treat us like the enemy! When I am in office, I will work to re-evaluate the role of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Their mission will be to hold criminals accountable not make criminals out of law abiding gun owners.

Isn’t time for a proactive Congressman? I hope you think so!

In order to go to work for you, I need your vote in the Republican Primary on March 5th. I would be honored to have your vote.

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