Alabama Rising — Boldly Defending Our Borders And the American Immigration Dream

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In Alabama, we pride ourselves on strong values and a spirit of determination. Today, as a congressional candidate for the sixth congressional district, I’d like to discuss a crucial issue: bolstering our borders while respecting the integrity of legal immigration. 

I recently witnessed the American dream in action at the naturalization ceremony of Ayub Saadati, now a key player in Alabama’s Information Technology sector. Saadati’s journey through legal channels starkly contrasts with the millions entering our nation illegally. Our aim isn’t to oppose immigration; it’s to uphold the rule of law and honor those like Saadati who follow legal pathways to contribute to our nation’s fabric. 

Left to Right: Gerrick Wilkins, Ayub Saadati (New U.S. Citizen), and Oscar Armendariz.

The left often mislabels the call for border security as racism or anti-immigration. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our nation’s legacy, symbolized by Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, is enriched by immigrants. Yet what we face at our southern border today is not immigration but an unchecked invasion worsened by career politicians’ misplaced priorities.  

This problem is further compounded by the recent Senate legislation to allocate $60 billion to Ukraine, neglecting the pressing issue of our own border security. This massive expenditure, focused on investing in a conflict where the path to a clear, positive outcome remains uncertain, stands in contrast to the urgent needs at home. Rather than pouring resources into an endless war abroad, it’s high time Congress holds the Biden administration accountable for the escalating situation at our southern border. 

This ongoing crisis is not just a disservice but a direct affront to both American citizens and legal immigrants. It’s evident that our border security and immigration policies need a significant overhaul. The failure to pass the Trump-backed “Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2018” has only exacerbated these issues, and within Congress, a faction of Republicans, including Alabama’s own incumbent Gary Palmer, joined forces with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, contributing to this failure. 

Our focus must shift from external conflicts to fortifying our own nation. The Biden administration, along with certain long-standing politicians, bear a significant portion of the responsibility for the continuous and worsening crisis at our borders. It’s imperative that we redirect our attention and resources to securing our borders and ensuring the safety and well-being of American citizens. 

Alabama deserves and needs fresh leadership to tackle these issues head-on. That’s why I’m running for Congress, offering a detailed plan to address our border crisis effectively and put America first. Our approach should prioritize the security of our borders using all available resources, including the National Guard and the military. The drug cartels represent a clear and present danger that needs to be dealt with once and for all. Furthermore, our immigration system requires a shift to a merit-based system, focusing on skills and contributions rather than familial connections. 

The stark reality is that every state, including Alabama, is now a border state. This was evident during a recent ride-along with a local sheriff in our district, where I witnessed the transformation of our serene rural areas into hotspots of illegal activities, including drug trafficking by cartels. This isn’t a distant problem; it’s an immediate threat to the safety and harmony of our communities. 

Addressing this crisis requires more than rhetoric. We need committed leaders in Congress who understand the gravity of the situation and are ready to act decisively. Despite a decade in office, our current incumbent, Gary Palmer, has shown a lack of effective action in tackling these issues. 

As Alabamians, we stand at a pivotal juncture. The upcoming election offers a chance to usher in leadership that not only recognizes these challenges but is also dedicated to implementing robust strategies to secure our borders, dismantle criminal networks, and safeguard our communities. 

Our collective effort to secure our borders goes beyond law enforcement; it’s about preserving the way of life in Alabama and ensuring it remains a place where the American dream, grounded in legal immigration and hard work, flourishes. 

On March 5, let’s vote for a change that reinforces our state’s security and upholds the true American spirit. Together, we can ensure Alabama continues to be a beacon of hope and opportunity. 

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