Gerrick Wilkins Unveils America First Economic Overhaul Plan

Putting the Brakes on Inflation and Gearing Up Growth
It is time to take the keys from the career politicians and elect a driver that can get our country out of the ditch and back on the road to prosperity.

  1. Putting the Brakes on Inflation: Implement strong fiscal policies to put the brakes on runaway inflation, ensuring stability and predictability in the economy. It is time for Congress to act with massive spending cuts.
  2. Accelerating Growth with Permanent Trump Tax Cuts: Keep the economy in high gear by making the Trump-era tax cuts permanent, providing a turbo boost to both consumers and businesses. The private sector is where growth and innovation happens and we need the government to stay out of the way.
  3. Streamlining Federal Bureaucracy: Propose a 40% reduction in federal government size, particularly targeting departments like Education, ATF, EPA, FTC, IRS, and CFPB. This move shifts our economic machinery from a heavy, inefficient model to a lean, high-performance one.
  4. Eliminating Redundant Government Roles: Cut out unnecessary federal jobs, redirecting talent and resources to sectors where innovation and productivity drive growth.
  5. Rein In Overregulation: Establish a firm grip on bureaucratic overreach by setting legislative checks on new regulations. This ensures a balanced approach, fostering a business-friendly environment.
  6. Fueling Domestic Resource Production: Accelerate the production of essential resources like oil, gas, coal, and even graphite. Prevent foreign entities, especially China, from buying and owning our critical resource sectors, safeguarding national and economic security.
  7. Driving Entrepreneurship and Business Growth: Create a conducive environment for new businesses, with a special focus on supporting veteran entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises in Alabama and across the nation.
  8. Speed up Energy Independence: Focus on powering the nation’s future with a robust, independent energy sector, reducing reliance on foreign oil and promoting long-term sustainable solutions.

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